My Team

I have had many team members over the years that share the credit for a lot of my growth, opportunities and experiences. I continue to believe that multiple heads are far better then one. You cannot be the master of everything but putting a team of masters together can create magic moments!

The one constant team member has been my husband.

Blaine Huslig, CEO of all of our adventures

Anyone who knows me actually knows “us” as Blaine and Jesi or more often then not Blesi and Jaine. We met our first year of college, me as a college dancer and him as a college yell leader. We went on to cheer together as Wichita State Shocker Cheerleaders and have spent our entire adult lives, working together. Outside of being married and parenting together, we have performed together, taught together, coached together and ran Blaine Promo 1 b&wbusinesses together. Any project we sign onto is accomplished with us working together, as one. We’ve worked out any kinks we have encountered over the years as business and life partners and make a pretty effective team.

Blaine is officially retired from 18 years of coaching gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading and dance (although I’m sure you’ll see him dancing every so often). He is now pursuing his true passion and calling but he will always be the head coach in our house. Once we determine a path to pursue he is the one behind the scenes pushing us to persevere, endure and stay the course. Oftentimes, that literally plays out as him physically pushing us out the door, into the training room or up whatever mountain we may encounter on any given day. Anything accomplished by myself or one of our sons is the direct result of his passionate leadership, coaching and mentorship.

Our life has been spent dreaming, setting goals and working together. Through all of the ups and downs that life has to offer, a constant has been our ability to see the best in each other, to encourage each others talents, to believe in each other and to help each other succeed. This tends to transfer over to anyone who’s path through life joins ours for a while. Together we love seeing and being a part of transformations and success stories not just in performance but in life.