What I Do

I’m a movement junky with an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable appetite for learning. If the definition of start-up is: the action or process of setting something in motion then I am also a die-hard start-up junky.

I get giddy from creating something captivating out of nothing, whether that’s a business, choreography, a ripped body or helping a performer discover their own special place in the arts world. Setting new projects in motion and helping them reach their max potential is my strength.

I’ve worn many hats in my career: scientist, entrepreneur, business owner, choreographer, educator, judge, producer, director, personal trainer, mentor, coach, writer, performer and performance consultant. As a result, I have an unique ability and the work experience to manage multidisciplinary projects, find solutions to complex challenges and communicate with all types of people.

-The scientist in me methodically dissects, researches, explores and examines all aspects of the projects I take on.

-The choreographer and performer in me feels most comfortable traversing the space somewhere outside “the box” using movement to express what is in the heart and soul.

-The educator, trainer, and coach in me tends to hop in the trenches with my clients and dig deep in order to maximize their potential and find their own unique wow-factor.

-The entrepreneur, director and producer in me can see the big picture and the small details all at the same time. I am able to step things out and somehow manage to find a way to accomplish the big picture through all those tiny steps in between…even in the midst of chaos.

My expertise is transforming performance from the inside out.

I like to call it “Scientifically creating the WOW-Factor”.